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  Luxenbourg / 2015 

5th International Sculpture Symposium

So What

Limestone, h cm 130

I developed this sculpture starting from the concept that man creates using his hands and that since the early years we are taught to play and create forms using our hands.


Sculpture has always been my passion and through it I can express my energy, I can have fun and I can destroy as I create. The hand is for me the part of the human body that best expresses the whole body , both symbolically and in practice, in everything it does and makes.

In the Mediterranean regions  and especially in Italy, through hand sign language, that is to say, gesturing, you can say something without using the word.

The form of my sculpture can be interpreted in various ways: hand with fingers joined in a point at the top seems to symbolize the human aspiration from the finite to the infinite, or maybe the tension to the absolute, the metaphysical dimension, but of course it is also a typical gesture that signifies 'Who? What?'

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