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  Luxenbourg / 2021   

Heat vs Cold

8th International Sculpture Symposium


Steel, cm 250x150x150

I imagined heat and cold as a contrast of opposite and complementary factors. a counterpoint that is a balance, a system.

A dimension with two elements that cross and form an X.

These extremes are necessary, as the poles + and - in magnetism, like the male and the female, like the two hemispheres of the brain with the optic chiasm.

In sculpture, the chiasmus is a compositional scheme that resolves the compositional balance with a cross correspondence of the parts, a contrast in fact.

The term chiasmus comes from the Greek letter χ, (from the Greek χίασμα, which means intersections) which in Italian is pronounced "chi" and carries its meaning in its own form...

This shape with its verticality and diagonals expresses tension and energy, dynamism, development and growth.

I think of the transformation of the landscape, of the families, of all the people who over the years have come to work and live in this city, an enormous amount of energy, of human, manual and mechanical work: rocks, steel, temperatures to heat and cool. ..

Different people and cultures that crossed each other creating a new balance.

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