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  Slovenia / 2014 

Forma Viva Makole

12th International Sculpture Symposium


Sezana Marble, h cm 180

My intention was to represent the image of a wave that, in a vigorous outburst, raises itself over the sea to drop who knows where. Its enchanting pace seems a liberating action, a way to exclude itself, a rebellion against the deep water that swallows it.

I believe that nature can be the synonym of humankind's necessity of emancipation, of freedom, of jovial escapism from the surroundings, a sort of 'behind the scenes' that cuts our figure and shapes it to its liking. In a peculiar way, the wave is a tribute to life, with its continuous breaking, an eternal repeating spiral.

My sculpture represents it higher and more immense than the sea, the same sea that lets it go in a flight with no return.

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