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  Denmark / 2022   

11th International Sculpture Symposium


Oak, h 300 x 60 cm

Energy, balance, opposites, synthesis of opposites, and human existence... are concepts that make me think of entropy.

R. Arnheim writes on the subject: "the image of this harmonious tendency to order of all nature is contradicted in a somewhat inappropriate way by one of the laws with the greatest influence on the behaviour of physical forces, and precisely by the Second Law of Thermodynamics".

My sculpture wants to be a formal episode, a hypothesis, which invites the viewer to reflect and meditate on the relationship between the two cosmic tendencies: that of disorder and chaos and that aimed at order, equilibrium, as well as the tendency toward formlessness and form, in particular the geometric one (in crystals, in molecules, in organisms).

A shape is a change in the complexity of some surfaces and volumes that become more articulated and irregular as you go upwards.

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