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  Ma'alot Tarshiha, 
  Israel / 2015 

Stone in the Galilee

25th International Sculpture Symposium


Limestone, h cm200

hypo: under,

thesis: position

Hypothesis = supposition.


My work is the result of a research, where different symbolic meanings coexist.

The column - the union between earth and sky, the ascent.

The door - the gate, the border, the passage.

The spiritual tension towards the universe, the absolute is translated into a search for infinity, the fourth dimension.

Thus, I conceived this shape as union of the archetypes of the column and the door, not to be crossed physically but only through imagination to get into a superior dimension, a triangular shape developed into a shocking geometry of levels, facets and carvings.

The work, rising upwards with strength, seems majestic, as it is almost a passage ready to open itself towards the unknown, and to bring man to become aware of himself.

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