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  Evasions... imagined  
  through space and form  

The cultural condition in which we live today is deprived of identity,
it is a slave of time, of the times and of the ephemeral.


The only opportunity to restore a balance and make sense of this dimension is by means of our imagination,
to hypothesize evasion through space and form.


If time takes over space, then space becomes the limit, the bulwark. My sculpture represents nothing more than
a journey, a passage, an invisible thread that comes from afar through the voice of time.

and Public Works


  • Sculpture for the City of Saulnes (France).


  • Stele with bronze effigy of Vittorino Tarquinii, Teramo (Italy).


  • Monument to the Fallen of World War I and II, Cerchiara (Italy).

  • Portal with lunette of the church of St. Michael the Archangel, Tottea (TE).


  • Sculpture for the City of Colledara (TE).


  • Sculpture-fountain in the garden of Castel di Sangro (AQ).

  • Monument to the Fallen of the Italian Resistance Movement, in Ponticelli, Naples (NA).


  • Fountain for the City of Isola del Gran Sasso (TE).


  • Sculpture Museum 'Outdoor Sculpture', Montemaggiore Arts Association

  • Montefiore Conca (RN).


  • Sculpture for the garden by Corva, P.S. Elpidio (AP).


  • 'Artefuori' Sculpture for the City of Saviano (NA).

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